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Special Education Needs

At North Worcester Primary Academy we strive to be a fully inclusive school where all pupils achieve their potential.  For any child with additional needs we aim to identify barriers to learning and provide the support needed to ensure they make good progress.

All schools are required to publish a Special Educational Needs or Disabilities Information Report (SIR) which outlines the support we provide for all pupils, including those with special needs. 


Local Authority Guidance

See Worcestershire’s Local Offer for the provision the Local Authority expects to be available for children and young people in the area with SEN and/or disabilities -

WCC Graduated Response guidance to outline expectations re: 'Ordinarily Available' provision


Rivers SEND Identification Process Flowchart 

The chart below is intended to support the identification process of pupils with a special educational need or disability
(SEND). The chart should be used alongside the MAT SEND principles plus individual school-based SEND procedures and therefore adhere to the Assess/Plan/Do/Review cycle.

Rivers SEND Identification Process Flowchart


Where can I find my child's Individual Provision Map?

To view your child's Individual Provision, please log on to our Edukey Portal.  This will enable you to see your child's historical and current Individual Plan and additional intervention that your child is receiving.  You will have received your login information from your child's class teacher.  If you require further support to log in, please email:

Please add any comments within the parent/carer 'messages' box and these will be sent directly to the author of the plan.  As these plans are reviewed regularly, we will send a reminder (on a termly basis) for parents/carers to log in and re-read their child's plans. Here is the parent portal link: Access pupil details (


How do we use adults in school to support pupils with Special Educational Needs?

Our staff are continually developing their expertise in different areas of SEND.  Teachers and teaching assistants have received specific training which allows them to deliver targeted intervention sessions.  As a school, we fund two Speech and Language therapists for half a day each fortnight, Greg Douse.


How we use specialist resources to support pupils with Special Educational Needs

Children’s individual learning needs are planned for through high-quality first teaching which is ordinarily available in our classrooms.  This is where class teachers differentiate the learning, the task, the activities, the environment and the resources provided. 

Tailored interventions are designed to help children bridge the gap with their peers. Children will access intervention groups where provision is not ordinarily available in that year group.  To ensure that we meet the specific learning needs of all our children we use the additional resources, where required, to provide specific, tailored interventions.  In addition, we ensure we meet the needs of all our children to allow them to participate in extra-curricular activities, school trips and residential activities.  SEN children are enabled to engage in all activities with those in the school who do not have SEN.


Useful Websites

Language and Communication Information:

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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Information:

Wellbeing - CAMHS 
Mental health help to children, young people and their families | School Mental Health (

Wellbeing and Emotional Support Team
Wellbeing and Emotional Support Teams in Schools | School Mental Health (

Community Paediatrics and Similar Support

Community Paediatrics Team
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Paediatric Occupational Therapy
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