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Vision and Values

Our vision is encapsulated in the words: 'love, learn, live'.  In reaching this goal, our family of Rivers schools love, learn and live together, guided by strong beliefs, moral purpose and faith.

We are committed to nurturing all our learners, represented by the head (knowledge), hand (skills) and more importantly the heart (believe, values, attitudes, positive habits and behaviours). 

In our academy our heart is strong and is integral to our moral and religious character. We will achieve our vision if:

  • the community is passionate about learning;
  • everyone's point of view is heard and appreciated;
  • the curriculum is engaging, inspiring and challenging for all our learners;
  • children experience outstanding learning and teaching enabling them to excel within a vibrant, happy and safe learning environment.


Creating a culture for our vision to succeed, our STARS values are the characteristics and behaviours we all share, helping to create a strong culture across the Trust. Our shared values help staff and pupils focus on making the right decisions, strive for high standards and help us fulfil our vision to Love, Learn, Live.

Our STARS values: