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We are delighted that we have had our first Ofsted report and we are judged 'Good' in all areas. This is a fantastic achievement for our school community. It is testament to the hard work and passion everyone has in ensuring the children we serve flourish and have the very best experiences. 

The full report is available below and some of the highlights are:

  • Pupils are friendly and happy in school. They enjoy learning and relationships between staff and pupils are positive. Pupils know that they can talk to a trusted adult if they are worried about anything.
  • The school has high expectations of pupils and wants the best for them.
  • The early years curriculum provides a firm foundation for children to build their early essential knowledge and skills. Learning is active and fun, and children achieve well. Staff plan exciting activities to foster children’s curiosity, such as exploring natural environments through forest school.
  • Children in the early years are exposed to a wide range of stories and rhymes to provide an early introduction to literacy. They quickly learn their letters and sounds as staff are well trained in teaching the school’s phonics programme.
  • Staff work diligently to tailor support to ensure that all pupils achieve well.
  • The school has developed a coherent and well-sequenced curriculum. Pupils build their knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a logical order, from the early years.
  • The school ensures that reading is a key priority. Where necessary, pupils are given extra help to catch up if they begin to fall behind their peers. The books that pupils read are well matched to their abilities.
  • Pupils learn about diversity, equality and British values through lessons and assemblies. They demonstrate their understanding of these topics in their positive attitudes and actions.
  • The school and trust seeks the views of the local community through its advocate group and responds well to feedback provided.
  • Staff are overwhelmingly positive about working at North Worcester Primary. They feel supported and valued. They feel well looked after and want to stay at the school.