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Meet the Team

North Worcester Primary Academy staff are an incredible group of people!

They are dedicated and passionate and place children at the heart of their decisions.

Scroll down to see welcome videos from our teaching staff.

Senior Leadership Team

Stuart Grimes - Head Teacher, DSL
Rhian Duckworth - Assistant Head, DDSL
Miriam Brown - Assistant Head, English Lead, DDSL, LAC/PLAC

 Teaching Staff


Jessica Rudd - Reception Teacher, History Lead
Vesna Racic - Reception Teacher

Year 1

Adam Morgan - Year 1 Teacher, PE Lead
Heather Verdant - Year 1 Teacher, Geography Lead

Year 2

Sarah Bradford - SENDCO ,Year 2 Teacher, Phonics Lead, Mental Health Lead
Ben Holman - Year 2 Teacher

Year 3

Toby Edwards - Year 3 Teacher


Jennifer Day -Year 3 Teacher, PSHE Lead
Scott Whitefoot - Year 3 Teacher, Art & Design Lead

Year 4

Aberdare Gaunt - Year 4 Teacher, Computing Lead
Kayleigh Venables - Year 4 Teacher

Pre-school Staff

Natalie Smith - Pre-School Lead, DDSL
Hannah Knight - Pre-School Assistant
Sarah Humphries - Pre-School Assistant
Monika Kasperek - Pre-School Practitioner
Teah Butterworth - Pre-school Apprentice


Teaching Assistants

Charlotte Fitzpatrick - Teaching Assistant
Scott Holdaway - Teaching Assistant
Amanda Lipscombe - Teaching Assistant & WRAP Assistant
Rachael Harrison - 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Becky Sharpe - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Alicia Whitefoot - Teaching Assistant


Hayley Baily - Teaching Assistant


Romany Lipscombe - 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Andreea Rotaru - Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Languages Lead
Lauren Gould - Teaching Cover, RE Lead

Wraparound Staff

Diane Moss - WRAP Lead
Jessica Surridge - Wrap Assistant
Cathy O'Toole - WRAP Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lisa Boyle - WRAP Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Nicola Ellis - Lunchtime Supervisor
Carol Foster - Lunchtime Supervisor

Office Staff

Catherine Guild - Office Manager
Laura Carradine - Office Administrator
Chloe Williams - Business Administration Apprentice


Introducing Miss Rudd - Reception Class Teacher

Introducing Mr Morgan - Year 1 Class Teacher

Introducing Miss Verdant - Year 1 Class Teacher

Introducing Mrs Bradford - Year 2 Class Teacher

 Introducing Mr Whitefoot - Year 3 Class Teacher

Introducing Miss Gaunt - Year 4 Class Teacher