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To appreciate, interpret and explain how art has changed over time and continues to change today.   


Art at North Worcester we are unique in our approach to art. We teach art in a chronological fashion, giving the children an understanding of how art has changed over time. Beginning with Cave Paintings in Reception and working through to Modern Art in Year 6, the children will develop an understanding of how art has developed and changed over time. The children will also understand the changing place of women in art, from subject to creator. They will explore differing mediums used over time to ensure they have knowledge of how art has evolved. Using precisely chosen and high-quality artists and works of art as inspiration, the children will use this as a stimulus for their own creations. We study a range of artists, both modern and classical, including those with significant disabilities, showing our children that there should never be any barriers to creativity.   

The skills of painting and drawing are frequently revisited throughout the children’s time at North Worcester, gradually building confidence and skills to become accomplished and confident artists.  


Art lessons at North Worcester are creative, imaginative and inventive. We have high expectations of the children, which is accessible to all abilities, enabling children to grow in confidence in their own skills, and develop themselves as an individual artist. 

Following high quality discussion regarding a work of art (considering form, texture, colour, subject etc) the children are encouraged to interpret works of art, and develop an opinion upon it, justifying their reasoning. Using it as a stimulus, they then look at creating work that is inspired by an aspect of the piece. Led by live demonstration, by their teacher, the children will be supported step by step to build upon their skills as an artist.  

It is essential when children create their artwork that they have the correct materials to make their creations. We ensure that they have access to a plethora of materials (recycled and sustainable where possible). North Worcester, has an immersive room which enables children to visit an art gallery, to interact with art and find out more about an artist.  


Our curriculum and teachers ensure that children know that they are all confident artists, this passion and practise of skills allows our children to achieve their artistic best. Inspiring them to be artists of the future.