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Frequently Asked Questions 

This is a working document and we will continue to add questions as they are asked. We are continuing to take advice from all stakeholders, including parents/carers, in order to make our school the best it can possibly be for you and your children.



How much will wraparound care cost?

Breakfast Club: 7.30am – 8.30am £3.50 per child

After-School Club:

3.00pm – 4.00pm £3.50 per child

3.00pm – 5.00pm £7.00 per child

3.00pm – 6.00pm £10.50 per child


What kind of activities will be on offer during wraparound care?

Your child is able to choose from a range of fun and inspiring age-appropriate activities such as arts/crafts, sports/games, reading and roleplay.


Are sessions flexible ie. will I be able to book until 6.00pm one day and until 4.00pm on another day?

Yes, although this is subject to availability. We operate a pre-booking system.


Will YR children start full time in September?

Yes, all reception children will start on a full-time basis on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.


What time does the school day start?

The school day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3.00pm. We have decided to start slightly earlier than other local schools to reduce congestion and give parents/carers time to drop off their children before travelling to work.

  • 7.30am – 8.30am (wrap around including breakfast)
  • 8.40am (registration)
  • 12.00pm – 12.55pm (lunch)
  • 3.00pm (end of school day)
  • 3.00pm – 6.00pm (wrap around including a light snack/meal )


Is there a Forest School area on site?

Yes, we have three acres of landscaped grounds which includes two exciting Forest School areas.


Will we be able to visit school before the children start in September 2020?

This will depend on the current situation around Covid-19. We are working very hard to find a smooth way to transition 2020's Reception Class into school and we will keep you informed of this as we move forward. 


Will my child meet other children from Rivers?

Yes, your child will take part in various MAT events such as carol concerts, sporting events, maths days, Riversfest and visits to and from other schools within the MAT.


How will parents/carers be kept informed?

You will be kept informed about your child's progress and wellbeing through daily contact with staff, parents/carers'evenings, parents/carers' workshops, weekly newsletters, website, Facebook and Twitter.


Do pre-school children have a uniform?

Pre-school children wear a NWPA Pre-School polo shirt and sweatshirt/cardigan, which they wear with dark joggers or leggings.


What is a free school?
Free schools are new schools that are set up by people who identify a need and/or demand for a school in their local area.
Why do we need a new school in North Worcester?
There has been a significant increase in the number of primary places required in North Worcester due to changes in demographics, popularity of the area and newly developed housing estates. 
Where is North Worcester Primary Academy (NWPA) situated?
We can be found on the old Park and Ride site in Perdiswell, Worcester.
How big will the school be?
The school will have an intake of 60 pupils per year, starting with reception classes and a pre-school in 2019.
Why did you propose to open with only reception and pre-school classes?
Our proposed intake reflects the pre-opening requirements set by the Department for Education (DfE).  When starting a new school, we believe that it is really important to nurture the first year and establish the culture of the new school. 
How will admissions work for the school?
A copy of our Admissions Policy can be found on our website.
How do I apply for a place at the school?
For 2021 entry you can apply via the local authority common application form for processing school offers. 
Is there nursery provision at the school?
NWPA will have a dedicated 26 place pre-school on the school premises which will open alongside our main school in September 2019.
Does NWPA offer wraparound care?
Yes. We will be offer a breakfast club, a wide range of after-school activities and an after-school care club.


Who monitors a free school's standards?
As with any other state funded school, North Worcester Primary Academy will be subject to OFSTED inspections and will be overseen by a governing committee.
How will the school be accountable?
The school will be run by a local governance committee and will be accountable to the Board of Trustees of the Rivers CofE Academy Trust, who oversee it.  In addition, the school will be accountable to the Department for Education through the terms of its Funding Agreement.
Does NWPA follow the National Curriculum?
Yes.  We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which fulfils all aspects of the National Curriculum alongside offering our children a variety of additional experiences to give them the social skills and confidence to become lifelong learners.
How can parents get involved?
Parents are invited to join the Friends of NWPA. 
Their email address is
Their facebook is
How can the community get involved?

At NWPA we aim to make a difference through working alongside staff, pupils, parents and community partners to promote our vision and values. Our school governors will reflect the local community and ensure we continue to build community relationships and local knowledge.   Community governor positions will be advertised nearer the time of opening.  If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch or register on our website.