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To understand and consider the processes changing the world and the impact of people on it.  


The North Worcester Primary Academy Geography curriculum is designed to broaden children’s knowledge and awareness of the wider world, including underpinning aspects of human and physical Geography, supported by learning of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

The curriculum is appropriately sequenced, making links to other relevant subject areas. Children with SEND are supported to access the Geography curriculum through differentiated activities, allowing them to participate in learning at a suitable individual level. Helping all children to become secure, confident Geographers.  

At the very heart of our curriculum is the opportunity for children to learn about our planet and the effect we have upon it. From an initial exploration of the geographical substantive knowledge of the world around them, the children build upon this understanding - learning how to be a geographer. This disciplinary knowledge enables the children to reflect upon the effects of our actions on the planet in KS2, such as tourism, trade and climate change.  We broaden the children’s knowledge of the wider world with practical sessions and field trips embedded throughout the curriculum, offering a wide range of Geographical experiences to all.  


The Geography curriculum is driven by key questions. It is implemented through well planned, sequenced and appropriately resourced sessions. Children learn using high quality resources relevant to the lesson in an exciting atmosphere of discovery.  

At North Worcester we use technology and our Immersive room to give the children the unique opportunity to interact with, and experience places and ideas that would be impossible to recreate in a standard classroom. From visiting the interactive world of the polar ice caps, to standing in the centre of New York City or the centre of a volcano, the children can come face to face with our planet in a truly exceptional way.  

Geography lessons are a blend of practical sessions, discussion and research. Giving children the opportunity to explore, investigate and comprehend concepts and themes. Their growing understanding of geographical skills allows the children to develop their knowledge of the world we live in. This is done through retrieval tasks, the checking of learning and a focus upon frequently visited themes woven throughout. These strategies are utilised to plan delivery of the curriculum effectively and help children retain knowledge learnt.  


For children to be intrigued by the wider world and enlightened by their knowledge of physical and human features of Geography, as well as understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and their own impact on the world around them. Children will be confident geographers who are capable and able, in their utilisation of geographical skills, and be able to use these to develop their own learning.