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Curriculum Intent

Maths@North Worcester Primary Academy


Mathematics is an important creative discipline that helps us to understand and change the World. We want all pupils at NWPA to experience the beauty, power and enjoyment of mathematics and develop a sense of curiosity about the subject.

At North Worcester, we foster positive ‘can do’ attitudes, believe all children can achieve in mathematics, and teach for a secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts. We use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of learning and provide challenges through rich and sophisticated problems before accelerating through new content.

Curriculum Intent:

Our mathematics curriculum intends to provide children with a foundation for understanding each strand of mathematics, in a stimulating environment they will be able to reason, think logically and problem-solve with resilience so that they are fully prepared for the future. We believe every child achieves in Mathematics. Each one is an individual who is numerate, creative, independent, inquisitive and confident.

Pupils will appreciate number and number operations, enabling mental calculations and written procedures to be performed efficiently, fluently and accurately. The children will know that maths is essential to everyday life and become confident mathematicians who are not afraid to take risks. Our curriculum will be high-quality that is both challenging and enjoyable and can be applied to a range of subjects from science to design and technology.

By adopting a Mastery approach, all children, regardless of their starting point, will maximise their academic achievement and leave North Worcester Primary School with an appreciation and enthusiasm for Maths, resulting in a lifelong positive relationship with all areas of mathematics.

Curriculum Implementation:

Our implementation is developed through a secure understanding of the curriculum and subject area.

For maths, our long-term planning follows the National Curriculum. Termly, weekly and daily lessons follow the White Rose Maths planning support framework. Lessons are engaging and ensure that teachers follow a  small-step approach to learning, which builds and reinforces learning our lessons ensure our children make good progress.

Maths lessons are designed with a concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) approach, providing our pupils with the scaffolding required to access the learning at all levels with an emphasis on the use of manipulatives to allow children to complete the fluency (DO IT), reasoning (Twist It) and problem-solving (Deepen it) elements. Pupils are engaged and challenged during lessons using questioning.

Children’s ability to recall key facts and improve the speed at which they remember these are essential to aid Maths progression by freeing up their working memory. Daily fluency sessions (Quick Maths), separate from the maths objectives of the day, are taught using the Mastering Number scheme. It focuses on number facts, times tables and recalling previously taught facts. Children who have completed the Mastering Number scheme follow White Rose Flashback 4.

To implement our intent, we ensure that our children are invested in their learning and positively contribute to their lessons.